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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Chief of Police Scott P. Livingstone is pleased to announce the Amherst Police Department has implemented an important new service available to all community members. Through the utilization of technology supplied by Blackboard Connect, a mass notification system, the police department will provide residents, commuters and businesses with up-to-date information regarding incidents occurring in and around their neighborhoods. We believe this efficient dissemination of information, via text message, will assist the police department in our continued effort to keep community members safe and improve the quality of life in the town of Amherst.

Enrollment in the Blackboard Connect program is strictly voluntary, free of charge and open to any resident, commuter or business. To sign up, at any time, for membership in this program please contact Officer Scott Soverino and provide him with the following information: your full name or business name, address and cell phone number. Upon receipt, your contact information will be added into our Blackboard Connect system and you will receive a test text to familiarize yourself with the format. Any participant wishing to withdraw from the service may simply email their request to be removed.

The University of Massachusetts has a similar program in place which notifies their students of events occurring on campus. Their program has proven successful in the past and the Amherst Police Department hopes for the same results with this initiative.

If you have any questions or require any additional information regarding this service, please email Officer Scott Soverino by clicking on his name, or call him at (413) 259-3008 Ext. 2117.

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