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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Sector Map Link on the Amherst Police Department Website

Chief of Police Scott P. Livingstone is pleased to introduce the District and Sector Map section of the Amherst Police Department website. In 2009 the Amherst Police Department redistricted the community into 6 sector areas, and instituted consistent geographical assignments to personnel. Prior to this redistricting, Officers were assigned to different sectors every shift.

The goal of consistent assignments was to enable Officers to become better acquainted with their sectors and to provide Officers with the opportunity to intimately understand the unique challenges facing the citizens in their areas. The permanent assignments, most importantly, afford Officers with ample time to problem solve with community members. In addition, this patrol method provides residents the opportunity to become acquainted with their Police Officers, as there will be the same small group of Officers assigned to their neighborhood region.

The new District and Sector Map section of the website allows community members to determine their sector by simply entering their street address. Information provided on the website will include the names of the sector Officers and their email addresses so residents can contact them with any concerns, comments or questions. This interactive page was developed by GIS Administrator Michael Olkin of the Amherst Information Technology Department.

Please go to the Amherst Police web page and browse to the District and Sector Map link. Questions can be forwarded to Captain Jennifer A. Gundersen at 413-259-3012 or via email.

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