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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Labor Available

In 2007, the Amherst Police Department initiated the Community Enhancement Through Community Service Program. The basic premise behind the program is to have individuals who have committed minor offenses in Amherst, for example open container violations, noise violations, minor in possession of alcohol, etc., complete court-ordered community service here in our community. Through this program various clean-up jobs have been completed including a work day at the Jessie’s House playground and a cleanup of Kendrick Park. Detective Dave Foster, the program's coordinator, is looking for suggestions for work projects to be completed now during the fall of 2009. If you have a project idea, or if you are a non-profit organization in Amherst that could benefit from this program, please contact Detective Foster at 413-259-3166 or e-mail him at fosterd@amherstma.gov.
(2008 photo of cleanup of downtown streets by community service group)

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