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Friday, September 18, 2009

Traffic Safety Vest Distribution

Visibility is essential to the safety of our pedestrians. As sunrise is coming later each morning, those on the streets at this time of the day are not as visible as they should be. In an effort to promote the safety of our citizens, the Amherst Police Department is distributing free reflective vests to those citizens they see walking or jogging the streets in low light conditions. This program of distributing free reflective vests was first done in 2007 when the owners of Eagle Crest Property, Amherst residents Erin and Jamie Cherewatti, donated 75 vests to be distributed to the public. The Cherewatti’s were also concerned about the safety of those on the streets in low light conditions and were generous enough to donate the vests towards that effort. The vests being distributed now are part of an Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Highway Safety Division grant that the Amherst Police Department received to promote the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and those on scooters. For more information on this or any other community policing program, please contact Lt. Jennifer Gundersen at 413-259-3012 or via email.


Anonymous said...

An Amherst Officer gave me a green reflective vest a year or so ago and I use it regularly. It was a gift to me and to the motor vehicle drivers who don't want to hit me while I walk. Thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

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