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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Child Passenger Seat Inspections - Jan. 15th

The Amherst Police Department is committed to the safety of our children. Motor vehicle crashes pose a tremendous risk, but, when properly installed, child safety seats reduce the risk of death in a motor vehicle crash by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers. Safety belts reduce the risk of death or serious injury in a motor vehicle crash by up to 50%. This is where the Amherst Police Department can help.

The Amherst Police Department will be conducting child passenger car seat inspections on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The next scheduled inspection day is Thursday, January 15th, 2009 - by appointment only. Open to Amherst residents only, our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect child passenger car seats for wear and effectiveness and install them properly to assure the safest ride for our children.

To schedule a 30-minute appointment, either e-mail the Amherst Police Department at police@amherstma.gov or call 413-259-3355. This program is open to Amherst residents only.


Gavin Andresen said...

This post inspired me to look up the Freakanomics seat-belt versus car-seat debate (link), which further inspired me to look at the latest raw Fatality Analysis Reporting System data (link).

Looking at what percentage of age 2-8 year-old kids riding in cars were killed in an accident where at least one passenger was killed, safest to most dangerous:

Lap and shoulder belt: 10%
Child Safety Seat: 12%
Lap belt: 13%
Improperly used seat belt: 38%
None/Not Applicable/Not a Motor Vehicle Occupant: 42% (I don't understand this category)
Improperly used safety seat: 56%

According to the data, it looks like the best advice is to go with seat belts unless you're sure your car seats are installed properly...

Anonymous said...

Yeah exactly. That's why they are nice enough to install our seats for us. They put in two seats for my husband and I and I can't believe how much work there is. Thank you Amherst Police Department for caring about our children.