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Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is Amherst SALT?

SALT, Seniors and Law Enforcement Together, is a community-based partnership that addresses the needs of the elders in Amherst. The Amherst SALT Council is composed of elders, the Amherst Police Department, the Amherst Fire Department, the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office, the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office and the Amherst Senior Center director. The local SALT council determines the needs of the community’s senior population as they relate to crime prevention and safety awareness, and it coordinates activities to meet those needs. We endeavor to find ways to minimize the difficulties seniors face in our changing world. Working together, we try to find ways to provide information and self-defense strategies for Amherst's aging population.

Our most recent project was the "Special Wishes Binder." Created in 2008 by the Amherst SALT Council, the SPECIAL WISHES BINDER is a document that you can print out or view on your computer that will assist in guiding you to make decisions about your affairs before you’re unable to do so. Included in the document are tips on power of attorney, comfort care/DNR documents, wills and financial statements. To receive a printed copy of the SPECIAL WISHES BINDER, please contact the Town of Amherst Senior Center at 413-259-3060, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Visit the Amherst Police Department website to see all of our programs for elders.

1 comment:

Eva Schiffer said...

This Special Wishes Binder is well worth reading, even by people who've already done some (but not all!) the things it recommends.

Thanks for posting this.