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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lottery Scam Reported

The Amherst Police Department received notice of a lottery scam, and we are concerned that more residents may receive this scam mailing as well. The lottery scam was mailed to a resident of Amherst and it claimed to be from St. Jude Insurance, Inc. The scam stated that this Amherst resident won a national lottery for $150,000 and a check made out to the resident was also enclosed. The scam letter directed the resident to deposit the check and to send several thousand dollars to the “tax agent” to cover the taxes on the winnings. Please don’t fall for these scams as it is unlikely that you'd win a lottery and be notified by mail, email or phone. The people behind the scams are trying to get you to send them your money. If you receive a notice stating you won a lottery or are entitled to a large sum of money, please call us at 413-259-3000. Let us investigate and determine whether or not it is legitimate. Thankfully in this case the Amherst resident realized it was scam and did not send any money to these crooks.

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