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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rain is a Policeman's Best Friend

Weekend activity report for 09/05/2008 through 09/07/2008

The first weekend in September is generally a very busy one, as many Amherst citizens can attest, however, this year Mother Nature may have lent us a helping hand.

The remnants of Hurricane Hanna doused the Pioneer Valley on Saturday night and forced most people inside. Multiple roadways throughout town were flooded, and, in some cases, impassable. The Department could have used that assistance on Friday night as a crowd, conservatively estimated at 700 revelers, had to be moved out of the West quad of the Towne House apartments. Most of the weekend activity was reserved to late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Even with the rain on Saturday night, the Amherst Police Department responded to 175 calls for service and 18 people were either placed under arrest or issued a criminal summons. Some of these individulas may face more than one criminal charge. A breakdown of these charges follow:

Assault & Battery: 1
Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon: 1
Breaking and Entering at Nighttime for Felony: 1
Forgery: 1
Larceny Over $250: 1
Larceny Under $250: 1
Operation After Suspension: 2
Operation Under the Influence/Liquor: 1
Person Under 21 Possess Liquor: 4
Protective Custody (non-criminal): 1
Resist Arrest: 1
TBL Open Container of Alcohol: 1
TBL Unlawful Noise: 3
Unlicensed Operation: 1
Uttering: 1
Wanton Destruction of Property Under $250: 1

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