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Monday, September 8, 2008

Officer in the Right Place at the Right Time

On Friday night, September 5th, Officer Jared Tivnan was exactly where he needed to be.

At approximately 10 pm the Amherst Police received a call from a resident at 54 Bridge St. who stated that an unknown person had broken into his house and taken his laptop computer. The resident chased this person out of the house and towards Market Hill Road, but he did not chase the suspect very far. Instead, he returned to his house and called 911.

Officer Tivnan was in the area on a motor vehicle stop when this call came over the radio. Tivnan quickly ended his stop and headed towards Bridge Street looking for the suspect, who was described by Dispatch as a black male wearing a black shirt and a backwards baseball hat. Tivnan began an area search for this suspect, and, only moments later, located a person fitting the description.

Officer Tivnan observed that this suspect had labored breathing and was sweating profusely. He engaged him in conversation, and, while speaking with him, Tivnan and the suspect were approached by the victim who positively identified the man as the person who was just inside of his home. Once the victim identified the suspect, the man attempted to flee. After a brief struggle with the suspect, Tivnan placed the man under arrest.

Unfortunately, the laptop has yet to be recovered. The suspect is facing multiple charges including resisting arrest, B&E in the night time for a felony, and larceny over $250.00.

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