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Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Activity Log 5/2 - 5/4

This past weekend was the first of two annual spring "Hobart Hoedown" weekends. Amherst Officers responded to 328 calls for service, and 53 individuals were either arrested or will be summonsed into court on criminal charges.

The primary offenses for which these persons are charged include:
Liquor Law Violations (including Possession of Alcohol under 21, Open Container) - 19 Persons
Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol - 6 Persons
Noise Complaint (Town By-Law) - 9 Persons
Motor Vehicle Offenses – 1 Person
Disorderly Conduct – 1 Person
Possession of Class D (Marijuana) - 12 Persons
Domestic Assault and Battery- 2 Persons
Outstanding Warrant - 3 Persons


Anonymous said...

This post is for every Amherst Police Officer who worked last weekend, as a town meeting member I must apologize. I voted against restoring the two officers that you lost. Over the weekend, my husband and I were driving through town and I saw officers on bicycles in the rain, peddling through town. I then looked and saw parties and junk strewn about the town. I then realized that I have been short sighted. You go about your jobs despite what we say or do to them. You have changed my opinions about your department. Every single officer I saw either in a car or on a bicycle looked like they had been awake for days. Thank you for what you do for this town, despite how we treat you. Maybe you will open the eyes of my fellow meeting members, as you have opened mine.

Amherst Police said...

Thank you for your comment and support. Alot of our resources are allocated to those hours of the day when most of our tax-paying citizens are asleep. We appreciate when the community can finally see, during the daytime hours, what we are doing almost every night of the week. Thank you again. Your Amherst Officers.