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Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Activity Log 4/18 - 4/20

Over the past weekend, Amherst Officers responded to 253 calls for service, and 25 individuals were either arrested or will be summonsed into court on criminal charges.

The primary offenses for which these persons are charged include:
Liquor Law Violations (including Possession of Alcohol under 21, Open Container) - 9 Persons
Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol - 1 Person
Noise Complaint (Town By-Law) - 7 Persons
Motor Vehicle Offenses – 2 Persons
Larceny – 1 Person
Possession of Class D (Marijuana) - 3 Persons
Warrant - 2 Persons


LarryK4 said...

Were any of the three marijuana arrests made on the Town Common Saturday between noon and 8:00 pm?

Amherst Police said...

Yes, all 3 were arrested between noon and 8:00 PM.

Anonymous said...

How many officers does the Amherst Police Department have? It seems that much bigger departments don't even have as many calls as you folks do? It seems that the town is either really getting their money's worth, or the officers are overworked. Isn't that kind of dangerous for everyone?

Amherst Police said...

We currently have 48 officers of all ranks. Yes, we are very busy for an agency of our size.

Eva Schiffer said...

That's 48 approved positions (not necessarily 48 officers regularly available). Are all 48 positions filled at the moment, with fully trained officers, and is no one on extended sick leave or injury, or other long-term absence?

Anyway, 48 is 2 less than two years ago, because Town Meeting foolishly cut two positions last spring, and no restoration of these is in the budget for fiscal year 2009, which is to be discussed by Town Meeting within the next couple of weeks.

Amherst Police said...

All positions are filled at this time, but we have one officer out on an extended sick leave, due back in June. We do hope to get our staffing up to the 2006 approved levels.