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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Activity

Over the past weekend, Amherst Officers responded to 247 calls for service, and 31 individuals were either arrested or will be summonsed into court on criminal charges.

The primary offenses for which these persons are charged include:
Disorderly Conduct - 2 persons
Criminal Motor Vehicle offenses - 5 persons
Breaking and Entering, Motor Vehicle - 2 persons
Assault and Battery, Dangerous Weapon - 1 person
Liquor Law Violations - 17 persons
Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol - 2 persons
Assault and Battery - 2 persons


LarryK4 said...

And I believe Amherst PD won the Cardboard Downhill Box Race with Amherst FD at the Winterfest out at Cherry Hill on Saturday.

Amherst Police said...
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Amherst Police said...

Thank You and that is true! Designed by the mid to 8AM shift, Sgt. Daly and Officers Molin, Gallagher, Feliciano, Corsetti, Humber and Forcum, our box car was far superior. AFD didn't have a chance with Officer Feliciano at the helm during the historic win.