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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Amherst Police Go Undercover

The Amherst Police Department has secured a grant from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Highway Safety Division that will allow for the posting of extra Officers, who are ordinarily in uniform, onto the streets in plain clothes. These extra patrols will take place during the month of December. The primary purpose of these patrols is to pro-actively enforce both drug law and underage alcohol violations, however, Officers will not be limited to that role. Officers will be out on foot both in neighborhoods and in the apartment complexes enforcing the underage alcohol laws, but hope our increased presence will deter, detect, and apprehend those who have been breaking into area vehicles, businesses, and homes. Normal staffing levels do not generally permit for such assignment.

The first of four such patrols took place between the late evening and early morning hours of Saturday, December 1 into Sunday, December 2. Officers Jackson, Reardon, MacLean, Batchelor, and Corsetti were overseen by Sergeant Daly. During the six hours allotted, arrests were made and several more people will be summonsed into court for the following offenses: Person Under 21 Possess Liquor (8), Sell/Deliver Liquor to a Person Under 21 (3), Possession of a Class D Substance, to wit Marijuana (2, one being a subsequent offense), TBL of Open Container of Alcohol (5), and Operating Under the Influence (1).

One Amherst resident, who is not a student, was arrested on a warrant for Possession of a Class D Substance with Intent to Distribute (Marijuana). The warrant was issued for a prior Amherst case. This person was also found to be in possession of Marijuana at the time of arrest and will be charged accordingly.

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dogwalker said...

Thank you, very much, for all of your efforts and successes in keeping Amherst a fine town in which to live, work and visit. The risks you take in your work are greatly appreciated. The web site has served to direct me in better safety practices and to better protect my property and myself. Thanks, again, for being under cover and for being very visible in your work.