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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2 Arrests Made for 2 Separate Burglaries

This past weekend, two men were arrested and charged with breaking and entering in two separate cases.

On Friday night, Officers responded to a North Amherst apartment where residents reported that a suspicious man had entered their home. The man fled, but he was later apprehended and identified by Officers MacLean and Corsetti who were in the area by Big Guy Liquors, on Montague Road, where they were working on an enforcement program to combat underage drinking. Officer Corsetti was familiar with the individual from past investigations, and his keen observations greatly assisted in pulling this case together.

On Saturday night, Officers responded to another North Amherst residence for a report of a male attempting to break into vehicles there. The responding Officers identified the man, who had been attempting to enter a vehicle with a slim-jim type instrument, and he was arrested.

We are unsure if these individuals are responsible for any of the dozens of vehicle and house breaks the community has endured this fall, and investigations are on-going.

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